Buoys and lanterns mark construction in Alaska

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Buoys and lanterns mark construction in Alaska

Sealite Marine Buoys and Lanterns Alaska Case Study

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Project Overview

Application: Construction marker buoy

Product: SL-B700 Market Buoys, SL-15 Marine lanterns

Location: Seward, Alaska

Site: Seward, Alaska Boat Harbor

Owners: West Construction Company Inc

Date: July 2010

Sealite’s buoys and lanterns assist with vessel safety in Seward, Alaska

Yellow Sealite SL-B700 buoys complete with SL-15 lanterns have been chosen by West Construction Company Inc to be used to mark the end of a construction zone while they extend the breakwater at the Seward, Alaska Boat Harbor. The SL-B700 was chosen because it is very visible for its size and makes a great construction marker buoy.

The east breakwater is being extended by 215 feet and will maximize wave reduction in the harbor by overlapping the east and west breakwaters. All of the project work is being done from a barge to minimize disturbance to harbor users. The Sealite buoys and lights are being used to mark the extension to route boat traffic around the end of the construction zone.

West Construction specialize in heavy marine, civil and structural construction including bridges, docks, harbors and breakwaters.


  • Sealite’s SL-B700 buoy is very visible for its size and is delivered ready for immediate installation
  • Safe and clear marking of the construction zone
  • Polyethylene buoys are bright to catch the attention of mariners and never require painting
  • Buoys are manufactured from polyethlene giving them high tensile strength which provides increased impact and puncture resistance

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