NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Introducing Sealite’s Complete Lighthouse Solution – LED Light Source & Universal LED Controller

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Introducing Sealite’s Complete Lighthouse Solution – LED Light Source & Universal LED Controller


Sealite is pleased to release the new LED Light Source Series and LED Universal Controller, designed to give Lighthouse Authorities the absolute latest technology in lighting and monitoring.

Originally developed by the GLA R&RNAV Directorate, Sealite’s LED Light Sources are designed to replace traditional lamps in classical lighthouse optics by means of a solid-state LED based light source. Capable of continuous or flashing operation, the LED light sources are suitable for use in revolving or fixed optics.

Sealite’s LED Universal Controller is used in conjunction with the LED Light Source. Developed using the most advanced engineering and software technology, the Universal Controller is designed to control power to the Light Source in a small form factor. It can be configured with AIS, GPS and GSM capabilities providing cutting-edge monitoring of a light source’s LED status, power supply, temperature and turntable rotation speed. Advanced programming can be incorporated for intensity settings, complex flash configurations, and alarm conditions.

Operating from remarkably low power and DC voltage, a wide range of power supply sources can be accommodated, including battery and renewable energy power choices, such as solar photovoltaic, further reducing running costs and the carbon footprint.

Tested and internationally approved to the highest specifications, Sealite’s LED Light Source and Universal LED Controller is suitable in all lighthouse optics.


  • LED Light Source is available in 6-sided and 12-sided configurations to suit all lighthouse optics
  • LED Light Source has a low power consumption capable of delivering up to 360 watts
  • LED Universal Controller capable of controlling Sealite’s complete range of LED light sources with built-in redundancy
  • AIS & GSM built-in options available removing the need to interconnect additional devices
  • Built-in interface for turntable lens rotation monitoring, RS232 and RS422/485 format for third party monitoring
  • Built-in interface for external photocell connection and built-in temperature sensor

BENEFIT #1 Retain Traditional Optics

  • The LED Light Source gives lighthouse owners the next generation technology to preserve and maintain their existing optics and infrastructure
  • Preserve the heritage value of the lighthouse and ensure their survival well into the 21st Century


BENEFIT #2 Preserve Performance and Reduce Operational Costs

  • The LED Light Source installed in traditional optics is the best solution for maintaining the current charted long ranges associated with lighthouses by utilising the optical efficiency of the lens
  • Reduce power consumption to 15-20% of the original lamp. Further power savings can be achieved by turning individual LED’s off that shine over land
  • Dramatically reduce maintenance visits to change and swap existing lamps
  • Convert mains power and diesel generator power sources to solar power


BENEFIT #3 Improved Monitoring & Control

  • An optional built-in GSM module for monitoring and control enables users to access diagnostic data via cell-phone or the web, as well as alarm SMS text messages and emails to designated users
  • Complete and accurate AtoN displays of operational information are monitored in real time
  • Lighthouses can now be synchronised to breakwater or buoy channels on fixed light sources


CLICK HERE for full product information on the LED Light Source including a detailed specification sheet.

CLICK HERE for full product information on the Universal LED Controller including a detailed specification sheet.

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