Customised Bridge Lighting Solution

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Customised Bridge Lighting Solution


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Project Overview

Application: Fender Light

Product: SL-23

Location: Oregon, USA

Site: McCullough Bridge, Coos Bay

Owners: Oregon Department of Transportation

Date: May 2010

Sealite’s Ability to Tailor Products to Suit Individual Projects Impresses Customers

The ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) contacted Sealite USA who was able to meet and exceed their specific installation criteria for a fender light used on the Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge.

Sealite customised an SL-23 to meet the output required by the ODOT. The SL-23 comes standard with a 10watt solar panel and Sealite was able to modify this to a 20watt panel increasing the current charge to the battery which is useful in areas of low sunlight.

Sealite sectored the light to 180° so it can be tested for use as a fender light on Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge. Upon successful testing more SL-23 lights will be rolled out. The light was chosen due to its efficient use of solar power and its ability to obtain the output required by the customer.

The Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge, formerly the Coos bay Bridge, was completed in 1936 and was the longest bridge on Oregon’s highway system when it was constructed. In 1947 the bridge was named posthumously after its designer. The bridge spans 5305 feet and is a cantilever bridge that extends across Coos Bay near North Bend, Oregon.


  • Sealite’s ability to customise products to suit individual customer requirements
  • Efficient use of solar power to obtain desired light output in low sunlight conditions
  • Sealite’s team of in-house engineers are able to provide fast and efficient turnaround of customised products
  • Safe and clear marking of the bridge

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Sealite team recognises the need to showcase how our products are deployed and used in real time. We also work with clients and take their inputs before preparing any piece of content.