Marine Lantern still operating after 3 weeks submerged underwater

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Marine Lantern still operating after 3 weeks submerged underwater

Durable Marine Lantern

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Project Overview

Application: Navigation mark for a secondary shipping channel

Product: SL-60

Location: Australia

Site: Moreton Bay, Queensland

Owners: Maritime Services Maritime Safety Queensland

Date: October 2009

Maritime Safety Queensland finds SL-60 Still Operating after Three Weeks Submerged Underwater!

As a testament to Sealite’s IP68 waterproof rating a SL-60 Solar Marine Lantern was still found to be operational after spending nearly a month submerged in 5 meters of water.

The beacon on which the lantern was positioned was one of the navigation marks within a secondary shipping channel in Moreton Bay and was suspected as being knocked over by a wayward mariner.

As the seas were too rough to recover the beacon immediately a temporary buoy was deployed and a notice to mariners was issued until the destroyed beacon could be retrieved some 3 weeks later.

Although looking a little worse for wear and covered in marine growth, the Brisbane region Manager for Maritime Safety Queensland advised that the lantern was still functioning when it was recovered by his operations staff.

Moreton Bay is a large bay and designated Marine Park on the eastern coast of Australia situated approximately 25kms from Brisbane CBD in Queensland. The islands located in Moreton Bay offer pristine beaches and some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and are a popular destination for tourists, divers and recreational anglers.

Maritime Safety Queensland were amazed when they retrieved the lantern and it was still operational after such a long time submerged underwater! Sealite Lanterns have an IP rating of IP68, the highest waterproof rating for lanterns required by the marine industry.


  • Even in extraordinary circumstances Sealite’s high rating of IP68 ensures their lanterns remain waterproof
  • Built to last, Sealite’s lanterns are able to survive the elements

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