Leading Lights installed at Port Kembla

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Leading Lights installed at Port Kembla

Leading Lights for Ports - Kembla Case Study

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Project Overview

Application: High output leading lights

Location: NSW, Australia

Site: Port Kembla

Owners: Port Kembla Port Corporation

Product: SL-96, POSEIDON-1750, SL-125-4

Date: September 2009

Sealite’s versatility and ingenuity provides an extra bright solution for the special leading lights required by Port Kembla.

In September 2009 Sealite was contacted by Port Kembla Port Corporation who required lead lights for the port. The port required special high output leading lights with a wide horizontal divergence and Sealite’s standard product did not meet the requirements needed for the port. Sealite’s standard leading lights use a LED with a 15° divergence and Port Kembla required a wider angle. Sealite manufactured and tested sample lights using 30° and 45° horizontal divergence. Port Kembla chose to use the leading lights with the 30° divergence because these met their demands.

The SL-96 leading lights provided were self contained and Sealite’s Power Calculator was used to determine the solar conditions to find a most suitable solar panel and battery size to power the lights. The Sealite Power Calculator is an easy to use software tool to assist with the appropriate sizing of Sealite products to ensure they are suitable to local conditions.

In addition to the leading lights, Port Kembla also purchased a green POSEIDON-1750 buoy fitted with a SL-125 4-tier lantern for a starboard hand turning buoy.

Located on the east coast of NSW, Port Kembla is one of three major ports in the state. Historically the port has serviced the needs of regional industries, predominately coal (export) and steel (import of new materials and export of steel products). Having recently undergone a major expansion, the port has seen a diversification of its trade base to include general and break bulk cargoes, containers and motor vehicle imports.


  • Sealite’s ability to customise products to suit individual customer requirements
  • Increased divergence to produce special high output leading lights
  • Safe and clear marking of the waterway

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