LED Bridge Lights have been installed on a new Florida bridge

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LED Bridge Lights have been installed on a new Florida bridge

Solar LED Bridge lights

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Project Overview

Application: Channel lights

Product: Solar Bridge Light Kit

Location: Florida, USA

Site: Florida Bridge (name withheld)

Date: July 2010

Sealite’s solar bridge lights chosen as channel lights on a Florida bridge

Sealite’s LED Bridge Lights have been installed on a new Florida bridge. Specifically designed to clearly mark structures such as bridges that extend over navigable waterways, the solar powered Bridge Light Kit was the perfect choice for the channel lights used on the bridge.

The bridge does not have power running to it so Sealite’s solar powered light fixtures were the ideal solution for this installation. Flexibility in the design allowed for the lights to be modified by the customer, who extended the cable from the light heads to the solar panels so they could be mounted on the sunny side of the bridge – maximizing solar energy collection.

The bridge has been built over one of the largest lakes in Central Florida, and replaces an older bridge originally constructed in 1951.

The new bridge is 3740 feet in length, replacing and old 500 foot long bridge and causeway. The new design spans the entire lowland river basin eliminating the need for the causeway which closed a channel and eliminated river flow through the lake. The removal of this causeway allows the re-establishment of old river channels into the lake and improves water quality and flow.

Sealite is proud to be chosen as the supplier of navigation lighting for this new structure.


  • Safe and clear marking of the bridge
  • In-house manufacturing allows Sealite to customise products to suit the clients individual needs
  • Due to the use of solar power, the Bridge Light was able to be installed on the bridge which does not have access to reticulated power
  • Using clean, pollution-free energy from the sun to power the lights offers an eco-friendly, cost effective lighting solution

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