Lighthouse Conversion Of New LED Light Source, Baily Lighthouse, Ireland

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Lighthouse Conversion Of New LED Light Source, Baily Lighthouse, Ireland

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Commissioners of Irish Lights recently installed their first new LED light source at Baily Lighthouse, Ireland, for which Pelangi International Ltd designed and built the control cubicle.

Baily Lighthouse was previously fitted with a 100V 1500W lamp and up until now it has been impossible to modernise the light source to take advantage of the next generation of low power LED emitters. With recent advances in surface mounted LED technology, it has now become possible to create a composite light source of the required diameter to work efficiently with the traditional lens optics. The UK General Lighthouse Authorities R&RNAV developed a new light source for this purpose which is now manufactured by Pelangi International Ltd under licence.

The new light source is capable of continuous or flashing operation and is suitable for revolving or fixed optics. It achieves an effective range of 21 miles and offers the best optical gain for solarising traditional prismatic lenses. With a huge decrease in power consumption from 1500 Watts to just 78 Watts @ 24 volt DC, this solution outperforms all other solutions and provides great benefits in reducing running and maintenance costs. Another additional advantage of the new light source is that individual LED’s can be switched off in unwanted directions (eg, over land) saving additional power.

The Baily system was developed to provide Commissioners of Irish Lights with stage monitoring of individual LED’s, and redundancy of control built in to provide overlap from adjacent LED’s providing cover at reduced range in that sector. The cubicle was also provided with interfaces for direct connection for their monitoring via AIS. Alternative built-in GSM or satellite monitoring can also be provided.

The SL-LED78 light source offers a simple and economical solution for conversion of most stationary or rotating lighthouse optics – major lighthouses with all the benefits of LED technology.

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To view the Case Study on the Baily Lighthouse conversion click on the PDF button above.


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