Sealite’s Long Range Marine Lanterns

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Sealite’s Long Range Marine Lanterns

Sealite is Enhancing Marine Safety by assisting navigators in determining their position, safe course or to visually identify marine hazards with the use of the new SL-300 Series Long Range Lanterns.

Somerville, Victoria, Australia — 1 February, 2016 —— Sealite today introduced the new SL-300 series 13—21NM Long Range Marine Lanterns with a 1.5 degree vertical divergence. These lanterns are suitable for a range of applications such as long range shore based beacons, fixed beacons or lighthouse optic replacements and upgrades. Long range lanterns can be used to mark treacherous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs or indicate a safe passage for vessels entering a shallow or dangerous channel and other applications.

Sealite’s SL-300 series 13-21NM long range marine lanterns are available with a variety of power configurations. The new SL-300 series lanterns now come with next-generation circuitry and optics making it 22% more efficient in power consumption per tier. The unit will accept voltages between 20—58VDC. Sealite’s lanterns are fully self-contained, has a 7 stage powder coated aluminium body and corrosion resistant, acrylic lens specially designed for use with LEDs to maximise light intensity and uniformity. Optional GSM monitoring and control, AIS type 1 or type 3 along with GPS synchronization for flashing multiple lanterns in unison.


  • Over 90,000cd luminous intensity white – single tier
  • Over 180,000cd luminous intensity white – two tier
  • Compact lantern up to 21NM visible range
  • PC or IR Programmer for setup, diagnostic & testing
  • Internal or external photocell options
  • User configurable day/night lux levels
  • Advanced remote monitoring features
  • Wide operating voltage range 20–58VDC
  • Internal data-logging for long term retention of key operational parameters & alarm conditions
  • General purpose inputs (two) & outputs (two)

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