Major European Port Selects Sealite Port Entry Light

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Major European Port Selects Sealite Port Entry Light


A major European Port has selected Sealite’s high-precision LED port entry light, fitted with GSM for remote monitoring.

“The customer required a narrow, precision 4.5 degree blue leading light with a minimum range of 1200m in daytime. Its intensity (allowing for different daytime sky conditions) and capability to provide an accurate, narrow sector made the SL-PEL a natural choice for this application”.

Nick Arbon, Internal Sales Engineer, Sealite United Kingdom Ltd

Supplied by Sealite United Kingdom in Lowestoft, the SL-PEL port entry light is a low-powered, high intensity precision light, suitable for both day and night-time use.

“The customer also wanted the ability to automatically dim for use at night, and GSM monitoring to give peace of mind that the light and its power supply are both functional” said Nick Arbon.

Sealite GSM monitoring facilities allow the SL-PEL to be remotely monitored and controlled by maintenance personnel through their cellular phones or web portal. Alarm conditions may be activated to enable immediate alert to a range of various parameters.

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