BargeSafe™ selected for ANCAP bulk transportation barges

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BargeSafe™ selected for ANCAP bulk transportation barges


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Project Overview

Application: Solar powered, LED Barge Light

Product: BargeSafe™ Solar 3NM

Location: Uruguay

Site: Montevideo, Uruguay

Owners: ANCAP

Date: September 2010

Sealite’s BargeSafe™ Solar to be used on ANCAP bulk transportation barges

Sealite’s BargeSafe™ Solar has been selected by ASMAR (Astillerros y Maestranzas de la Armada) as the preferred navigation lighting system for use on the bulk transportation barges they are building under contract with ANCAP.

The barges used by ANCAP do not have any power or device for producing electricity which makes Sealite’s BargeSafe™ Solar the ideal solution for lighting the barges to enable safe passage through the Uruguay River.

The barges will be used for the bulk transportation of raw materials such as oil, gasoline, cellulose pulp and grains along the Uruguay River enabling trade with neighbouring countries; Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

ANCAP (Administración Nacional de Combustibles, Alcoholes y Portland) is a state-owned company in Uruguay. It is involved in the production of petroleum products, Portland cement and alcoholic beverages. It operates Uruguay’s single oil refinery at La Teja with capacity of 50,000 barrels per day.

The Sealite BargeSafe™ Solar range of LED barge lights are certified to UL and are COLREG-72 compliant with >3nm visible range. The light is completely self-contained with solar modules and battery.

To combat the extreme marine conditions of salt-spray, icing and shock Sealite’s BargeSafe™ Solar has been constructed with a heavy-duty, powder-coated, aluminium chassis with rubber extruded corners to guarantee an extremely long service life.

The BargeSafe™ Solar features 4 x 3watt multicrystalline solar modules (12watts in total) which are mounted into the aluminium chassis to maximise solar collection. The solar array charges an internally replaceable battery which provides a continuous, reliable, independent power supply and boasts over 24 nights autonomy.


  • Solar power enables use on unpowered barges
  • Meets industry standards – certified to UL 1104 and is COLREG-72 compliant
  • Sealite’s efficient design and advanced manufacturing capabilities has allowed them to develop a solar powered barge light that achieves precise intensity and sectoring

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