Marine Solar Powered LED Area Light

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Marine Solar Powered LED Area Light


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Project Overview

Application: Solar Powered LED Area Light

Product: SL-SAL-01 Solar Area Light

Location: Australia

Site: Jacob’s Well, QLDEast Arm Boat Ramp, NT

Customer: The Jetty Specialist

Date: June 2009

Sealite has the Jetty Specialist Coming Back for More!

The Jetty Specialist installed Sealite’s Solar-Powered Area Lighting to light up the public access gangways and pontoons at two boat ramps, the Jacobs Well Queuing Pontoon in Queensland and the East Arm Boat Ramp in Darwin, Australia.

Solar power was chosen for both Jetty Specialist installations due to the lack of access to reticulated power and the high cost of connecting to the closest service.

Sealite’s range of Area Lighting products enable users to illuminate remote locations such as maintenance areas, car parks & signage where connection to the power grid is unfeasible.

The assembly uses the latest technologies in surface-mounted Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as a light source, and provides excellent illumination over a wide projected area.

Sealite’s Area Lights begin operation automatically, as soon as the ambient light threshold drops sufficiently and, once installed, require minimal maintenance.

We chose the Sealite system for the Jacobs Well Queuing Pontoon due to our previous experience with Sealite’s product, its durability and construction.

– Peter Taylor, The Jetty Specialist


  • Due to the use of solar power, the Area Light was able to be installed in a remote area which does not have access to reticulated power
  • Provides years of maintenance-free operation
  • Area lighting helps to provide a safe and secure environment
  • Demonstrates to the community how solar energy can be incorporated into everyday life

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