NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Sealite Launches Type 3 AIS Monitoring And Control Solution

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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – Sealite Launches Type 3 AIS Monitoring And Control Solution


Sealite launches Type 3 AIS remote monitoring and control solution – providing more enhanced Aids to Navigation (AtoN) monitoring options to customers around the world.

Sealite’s AIS (Automatic Identification System) monitoring and control solutions are now available in Type 1 or Type 3 and provide accurate and real-time information to Port Authorities and nearby vessels on the position and operational status of their AtoN installations, via the International VHF Maritime Mobile Band.

The Type 3 AIS AtoN solution is a step up from a Type 1 AIS AtoN solution, as it incorporates the ability to transmit and receive real-time messages. It has the capability to transmit using the RATDMA (Random Access Time Division Multiple Access) allowing the AtoN to autonomously allocate slots (message spaces) for its own transmission, by listening to AIS frequencies to determine which slots are available.

Type 3 AIS can be installed in any location, and unlike Type 1 AIS solutions, Type 3 does not require reserved transmission slots, therefore it can be used in areas without a base station. Plus, several units can be ‘chained’ together to extend the transmission range. Fully compliant with IALA, IEC and ITE standards, Type 3 AIS can also support remote control functions including flash character, ON/OFF activation and intensity settings.

Sealite’s AIS AtoNs are able to support real, synthetic and virtual transmissions. Versions of the self-contained AIS Transponder are available without the lantern integration to enable the benefits of AIS if a visual navaid is not required.

Both AIS Solutions offer incredibly low power consumption making them suitable for a large range of solar installations and Sealite’s range of self-contained lantern and buoy assemblies.

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