Major Australian Port deploys Sealite Ocean Buoys

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Major Australian Port deploys Sealite Ocean Buoys

Ocean Buoys fitted with lanterns

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Project Overview

Application: Port hand channel marks

Location: NSW, Australia

Site: Port of Newcastle

Owners: Newcastle Port Corporation

Product: 9 x TRIDENT-3000 Ocean Buoys fitted with SL-125-GPS lanterns

Date: 2011


Major Australian Port Deploys Sealite Ocean Buoys for Coal Terminal Expansion

A major Australian port has purchased and installed Sealite TRIDENT-3000 Polyethylene Ocean Buoys fitted with SL-125 5-7nm+ GPS flash synchronised LED lanterns as part of their recent coal terminal expansion.

Sealite’s TRIDENT-3000 buoys were the perfect solution to meet Newcastle Port Corporation’s requirements for “Harbour Class” buoys, with the initial replacement of existing steel buoys within the main shipping channel of the harbour.

The buoys were chosen over steel buoy products due to their increased visibility, lower initial cost outlay, reduced ongoing maintenance costs and superior service life.

In addition, from a safety perspective, the TRIDENT-3000 is far easier to handle during service intervals due to its lower overall weight, making the service contractors handling procedures far safer than for steel buoys.

The second part of the project was to provide Port Hand channel marks for the coal export terminal.The port is one of Australia’s busiest ports. Coal is railed in and then transferred to the ship loaders before being moved onto the massive Panamax type ships for export.

The expansion of the coal export facilities represents a significant increase in the port’s ability to export materials for the increasing demand from world-wide markets.

This project showcases Sealite’s ability to work direct with a major port authority, to supply a world-class navigation aid; suited specifically to the local operational requirements.

The commissioning of the nine Trident-3000 buoys within Newcastle Harbour further establishes Sealite as the leading manufacturer of polyethylene buoy products in Australia.

– Dean Rawolle
Sealite Business Development Manager


  • Custom designed buoy lantern tower for increased focal plane height (as per customer specifications)
  • Low initial cost outlay
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Superior service life
  • Ease of handling and deploying due to lower overall buoy weight compared to steel buoys

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