Malaysian Government Deploys Ocean Buoys

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Malaysian Government Deploys Ocean Buoys

IALA Approved Ocean Buoys - NAUTILUS-2200 - South China Sea Case Study

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Project Overview

Application: Port and Starboard markers

Product: NAUTILUS-2200 fitted with SL-C310 lanterns and radar reflectors

Location: Malaysia

Site: Kuala Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia

Owners: Malaysian Marine Department

Date: October 2011

Malaysian Government Deploys Sealite NAUTILUS-2200 Ocean Buoys in the South China Sea

The Port and Starboard NAUTILUS-2200 2.2mt diameter Ocean buoys are now installed off the South China Sea in Malaysian waters. Local mariners including freight and fishing vessels benefit from the improved marine safety which these navigation aids provide.

Installation of Sealite buoys was approved by The Malaysian Marine Department – the leading agency for maritime safety in Malaysia. The department aims to ensure the availability of the lighthouses, beacons and buoys which they maintain is greater than 97% of the year to prevent maritime accidents in Malaysian waters.

Sealite buoys were chosen due to their long service life, ease of handling, and considerable strength and reliability. The NAUTILUS-2200 ocean buoy is moulded from UV resistant polyethylene – featuring high tensile strength, superior puncture and impact resistance, and low environmental impact.

Sealite polyethylene buoys require minimal maintenance – unlike steel buoys, polyethylene buoys never require painting and minimises marine growth.

SL-C310 lanterns are fitted to the NAUTILUS-2200 buoys and are completely self-contained with minimal maintenance requirements.

Sealite local Authorised Distributor Wide Beam supported the installation. Wide Beam has extensive experience of the marine industry in Malaysia, working closely with port and harbour authorities and departments to provide the highest quality navigation aids available and to meet local requirements.


  • Improved marine safety
  • Low initial cost outlay
  • Minimal maintenance requirements – polyethylene buoys never require painting
  • Superior service life
  • Ease of handling and deploying due to lower overall buoy weight compared to steel buoys

Ocean Buoys installed at JSW Jaigarah Port, India


Major Australian Port deploys Sealite Ocean Buoys


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