Ocean Buoys installed at JSW Jaigarah Port, India

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Ocean Buoys installed at JSW Jaigarah Port, India

Lateral Markers for New Channel Case Study

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Project Overview

Application: Lateral markers for new channel

Product: NAUTILUS-2200 Ocean Buoy, SL-125-1 Marine Lanterns

Location: India

Site: JSW Jaigarah Port, Dhamankhot Bay

Customer: JSW Group

Date: September 2009

Sealite NAUTILUS-2200 Buoys installed at JSW Jaigarah Port, India

Sealite’s distributor, Aeromarine Equipments Supply, India, undertook supply and installation of 5 x red and 4 x green NAUTILUS 2.2 mtr buoys complete with SL125-1 LED Lanterns for JSW Jaigarah Port, India. The buoys will be used as lateral markers for a new channel.

The Sealite NAUTILUS-2200 is designed for offshore and coastal applications and is one of the largest buoys available to incorporate a 1-piece rotationally-moulded hull section.

The JSW Jaigarah Port is an all weather deep-water multi-commodity port located in the protected surrounding of Jaigarah in Dhamankhot Bay on the western coast of India.

The port is being developed in two phases and will cater to the coal requirements of the power plants and will also handle additional cargo such as raw sugar, cement, iron ore, edible oil and molasses. Phase 1 of the port has been constructed with two berths of 550 metre quay length and can handle Panamax vessels with a draft of 14 meters. In Phase 2, five more berths spanning 1500 meters will be added allowing 180,000 DWT capacity vessels with a draft of 18 metres to enter the JSW Jaigarah Port.

The JSW Group is one of the fastest growing business conglomerates with interests across various economic sectors such as steel, energy, minerals and infrastructure and logistics. JSW is conscious about its responsibility to the environment and has undertaken all the necessary precautions to keep pollution levels to the minimum prescribed level.

Sealite is pleased to be able to assist the JSW Group with their goal of creating a world class port infrastructure in India.


  • Clear marking of the channel
  • Buoys are manufactured from polyethlene giving them high tactile strength which provides increased impact and puncture resistance
  • UV-stabilised polyethylene gives the marine buoys additional protection from the degradation effects of UV exposure
  • No painting is required because the buoys are manufactured using coloured pigments which permeate all the way through the polyethylene

Marine Lantern still operating after 3 weeks submerged underwater


Malaysian Government Deploys Ocean Buoys


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