Ocean Buoys installed at gateway port in Europe

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Ocean Buoys installed at gateway port in Europe

Replacement for steel buoys - Sealite's Ocean Buoys

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Project Overview

Application: Replace steel buoy lateral channel markers

Product: 9 x TRIDENT-2600 Ocean Buoys with Solar Marine Lanterns

Location: Europe

Owners: Ministry of Transport

Date: June 2013

Nine Sealite TRIDENT-2600 Ocean Buoys with marine lanterns have been installed at one of the main gateway ports in Europe.

Chosen to replace existing steel buoy markers, the lightweight, durable polyethylene buoys require minimal maintenance and provide a huge visual area for navaid recognition.

The more economical polyethylene TRIDENT-2600 buoy is built from four rotationally-moulded quadrants that are designed to withstand extreme environments and prolonged UV exposure. No painting is required, which heavily reduces maintenance and was a key factor for the change.

The TRIDENT-2600 buoy was specifically designed to provide an easy solution for customers worldwide through its safe and easy handling features. The unique design of the mooring post and flat base means the buoy can be stored upright in service yards and transported via truck and service vessels for increased handling safety.

In selecting Sealite, the customer chose a product that could be delivered on schedule, within budget and be assembled by Sealite staff on the quayside ready for immediate deployment.

Uniquely designed to sit flat, secure and upright on the vessel deck by its skirt style design with convenient tie-off points, the TRIDENT-2600 is a complete large scale buoy solution.

Having designed a buoy that is transportable and requires minimal assembly, offers our clients many advantages – customers can now receive a timely, complete solution of delivery, installation and servicing from Sealite UK.

– Mr Bert Frame, Sealite UK


  • Polyethylene construction
  • Innovative design and robust construction of the buoys gives them high physical strength
  • Increased focal height and daymark to provide huge visual are for navaid recognition
  • Convenient forklift access points to safely manoeuvre the buoy assembly
  • Stands flat on service deck
  • Easy to deploy and service
  • Complete large scale buoy solution
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