Ocean Buoys mark exclusion zone at The Seattle Great Wheel

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Ocean Buoys mark exclusion zone at The Seattle Great Wheel

Exclusion Zone market at The Great Seattle Wheel - Case Study

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Project Overview

Application: Mark an exclusion zone for all marine traffic

Product: POSEIDON-1750 Ocean Buoys with Solar Marine Lanterns

Location: Elliot Bay, Seattle, USA

Site: The Seattle Great Wheel

Owners: Manson Construction Company

Date: June 2012

POSEIDON-1750 marks one of the biggest Ferris Wheels in the USA

Sealite’s POSEIDON-1750 Ocean Buoys with the world’s most popular and versatile marine lanterns have been installed at The Seattle Great Wheel to mark an exclusion zone for all marine traffic.

The Seattle Great Wheel is the largest observation wheel in the west coast, standing 175 feet tall. The wheel has 42 fully-enclosed gondolas, holds over 300 people at any given time and extends nearly 40 feet beyond the end of the pier, over Elliott Bay.

Sealite assisted Manson Construction Company in all aspects of the project including helping with the U.S. Coast Guard regulations and what was needed for the set up and installation of the customised buoys.

Chosen for their quality and easy installation, Sealite’s POSEIDON-1750 buoys provided the perfect solution to ensure safety to the popular tourist attraction.

Sealite demonstrates the importance of working with Coast Guards for regulation purposes and providing customised products for their customers’ needs.

Sealite was very helpful in all aspects of the process from helping with the Coast Guard regulations and what was needed, to the actual installation.

– Manson Construction Company


• Sealite’s ability to customise its products to suit individual customers requirements – Clear marking (No Boats) on buoys to mark marine exclusion zone for The Seattle Great Wheel

• Innovative design and robust construction of the polyethylene buoys gives them high tactile strength

• Excellent buoyancy & stability, and easy to deploy & service

• Sealite provides additional support for Coast Guard and Government regulations with all installations, to ensure compliance is met


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