Ocean buoys mark the wreck of HMAS Canberra

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Ocean buoys mark the wreck of HMAS Canberra

Buoys for wreck marking

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Project Overview

Application: Wreck marking

Product: NAUTILUS-2200 & POSEIDON-1750 Buoys, SL-125 lanterns with GPS/GSM, SL-70 lanterns with RF Synchronisation

Location: Australia

Site: Barwon Heads, Victoria

Owners: Parks Victoria

Date: December 2009

Sealite Lights Up the Wreck of the HMAS Canberra

Sealite NAUTILUS-2200 and POSEIDON-1750 ocean buoys are marking the recently scuttled HMAS Canberra. Located off Barwon Heads in Victoria, the wreck is now a popular dive site and artificial reef.

Four Sealite POSEIDON-1750 buoys and two NAUTILUS-2200 buoys have been positioned around the site, fitted with RF synchronization to clearly mark its perimeter.

In addition, the two NAUTILUS-2200 buoys are fitted with GPS & GSM monitoring – allowing proactive maintenance of the AtoNs by monitoring lantern diagnostics such as battery condition, solar charging and buoy position. Parks Victoria asset managers can receive alarms and status reports direct to their cell phones, or daily updates via Sealite’s web portal.

With a 2.2mtr float diameter and a 3.2mtr lantern focal height, the Sealite NAUTILUS-2200 is one of the largest buoys available to incorporate a 1-piece rotationally-moulded hull section, and represents exceptional value.

The wreck was opened to the public as a dive site in December 2009.


  • Safe, clear marking of the wreck and dive site
  • Clear marking of the site perimeter is achieved through lantern synchronisation
  • Alarms for buoy off-station and lantern faults enables owners to keep track of their installation remotely, saving on maintenance costs


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