Sealite Increases Buoy Stock At Pelangi International Ltd, UK

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Sealite Increases Buoy Stock At Pelangi International Ltd, UK


Pelangi International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sealite Pty Ltd, has recently increased inventory levels of Sealite marine lantern and buoy products to support local customers with faster delivery times.

Equipment at the Pelangi depot is also available to support Sealite’s extensive network of European distributors who require immediate delivery of products in emergency situations.

Sealite Business Development Manager for the region Mr. John Corio commented; “it’s great to have stock available to support our network of European customers, particularly when products are required immediately or in an emergency. Products can be in the hands of European customers within days”.

Utilizing this inventory, Pelangi International Ltd technicians have recently been able to assist the Port of Lowestoft with immediate supply and installation of Sealite SLB1250 buoys complete with special double pendant moorings to restrict movement.

The “special mark” buoys complete with SL70 lanterns were supplied and laid within 2 days to assist the Harbour Master protect visiting pleasure craft from a new obstruction close to the harbour wall.

Pelangi International Managing Director, Mr. Bert Frame commented; “Although in our own home Port, had this emergency arisen anywhere in the UK or Europe we could have mobilised with the same speed and support to the network of Sealite distributors”.

For assistance on your next marine project please contact the team at Pelangi International on +44 (0)1502 588026 (UK) or Sealite European Business Development Manager Mr. John Corio at today.

Photos supplied by Pelangi International Ltd with thanks.


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