Sealite Launches Innovative Mooring Solution

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Sealite Launches Innovative Mooring Solution

Sealite’s synthetic mooring solutions provide a lightweight and environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional mooring chain and are ideal for various forms of marine mooring applications.

Somerville, Victoria, Australia – 10 February, 2016 — Sealite today announced the new Synthetic Mooring Solution. Unlike chain the synthetic mooring solution minimises damage to the sea bed whilst the unique nylon core absorbs shock loads in the wave and tidal conditions of the marine environment. These unique mooring solutions are a perfect complement to Sealite’s complete range of mooring and navigation buoys and can be used in most applications as a chain replacement.

The heavy duty mooring line incorporates load bearing nylon fibres laid in an endless, parallel lay construction into galvanised wire rope thimbles or high performance stainless steel thimbles. The entire construction is covered in a vulcanised industrial rubber that protects the nylon core and thimbles from corrosion in salt and fresh water.

The use of nylon and rubber materials makes the mooring line very flexible and light weight whilst maintaining break strains consistent with traditional chain. The light weight solution means handling, installation and servicing is made easier with a reduction in heavy lifting and deployment equipment.

With over 50 different types synthetic mooring options available, the Sealite synthetic mooring solution has carved a strong place in the market and is perfect for use in rivers, lakes, estuaries, harbours, bays and oceans.

The lines come in any single length and offer break strengths ranging from 8 tonne through to 100 tonne.

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