Sealite Leads the way in Fremantle Port

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Sealite Leads the way in Fremantle Port

Port Entry Lights

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Project Overview

Application: Leading lights

Location: Western Australia

Site: Freemantle Port

Owners: Freemantle Ports

Product: SL-09 12V light fixture

Date: 2011

Sealite’s unique lighting solution leads the way in Fremantle Port

Sealite’s product versatility provides a novel solution for the special leading lights required by Fremantle Ports.

Configurations of 5 x SL-09 LED fixture have been installed on day reflective shapes as leading lights into the main channel at Fremantle Port. To provide greater visibility from outside the centre of the leading entry into the channel Fremantle Ports required a wider spread of light. This made Sealite’s SL-09, with a light spread of 120deg, the perfect choice for guiding the pilots up the safe centre of the channel.

Sealite’s SL09 lights run independent of a microprocessor, allowing them to be controlled as the user requires via a light controller; 24 hours, dusk-till-dawn or preferred time duration.

Fremantle Port is Western Australia’s largest and busiest general cargo port and is vitally important transport infrastructure. It contributes to the local and State economy by supporting investment and economic growth.


  • Sealite’s ability to customise products to suit individual customer requirements
  • The SL-09’s wide light spread of 120deg makes it easier for vessels to locate the navigation aid
  • Pilots are able to easily check their position allowing safe vessel navigation
  • Safe and clear marking of the waterway
  • Considerable savings in power consumption, installation and maintenance costs due to the use of solar power

Leading Lights installed at Port Kembla


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