Sealite Navigation Aids Light Up Denmark’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm During Construction

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Sealite Navigation Aids Light Up Denmark’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm During Construction


From late 2011 through to mid 2013 Sealite’s self-contained solar marine lanterns were used by Dong Energy, a leading energy group in Northern Europe, to mark the foundations of the 111 wind turbines during the construction of Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm, Anholt.

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm is located in the Kattegat in 15-20 metre deep waters approximately 50km north east of Grenaa in Denmark. Construction of this 20km long by 5km wide farm involved over 100 vessels and 3,000 people working on-site, with a total investment in excess of DKK 10 billion.

“The lights were used to temporarily mark each monopile before the transition piece was mounted into place. Once the transition piece was installed, the light was transferred from the monopile onto the newly installed transition piece, and stayed there until the turbine was installed” commented Mr John Corio, Sealite Business Development Manager for Europe.

Constructed and operated by Dong Energy, each wind turbine assembly at Anholt consists of a monopile, a transition piece and a wind turbine. The nacelle (generator house) and three blades are attached to the turbine, with submarine cabling transmitting the power generated to the substation.

After each 5mt diameter monopile was driven into the seabed, Sealite solar marine lanterns were quickly and easily installed to clearly mark the protruding structures and warn mariners of their presence. In the next stage of construction each monopile was capped with a transition piece, to which each Sealite lantern was then re-attached to maintain the high level of safety and awareness required during these crucial phases of construction.

“All feedback has been very positive, as the lights have worked without any problems. The customer has been pleased with the easiness of using the lights and especially the low weight” commented Mr Rasmus Bohsen, Sales and Marketing Director of Maritim Consult, Sealite’s local authorised distributor for Denmark.

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Photo supplied by Rasmus Bohsen of Maritim Consult with thanks.


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