Sealite Poseidon Buoys Marks Artificial Reef Huts In Oman

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Sealite Poseidon Buoys Marks Artificial Reef Huts In Oman


Sealite Poseidon-1750 ocean buoys and SLC310 solar marine lanterns were recently installed to mark the location of an underwater mountain and artificial reef hut in Muscat, Oman. Situated 6km from shore, the underwater mountain rises from 40 meters to a depth of 8 meters at its shallowest point. An artificial reef hut was installed to promote growth and provide a habitat for fish around the underwater mountain.

The SLC310 solar marine lantern is the only navigation aid in the industry to include GPS Synchronisation as a standard feature, which greatly increases the night-time recognition of this important mark by ensuring the lights flash in unison.

Oman is located on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula and is bordered by the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. It contains a varied coastline over 1600kms long and has a diverse terrain of mountains, deserts and seascapes. Oman is home to a biodiverse marine life.

Sealite Distributor North West Marine L.L.C. lead the project, designing and manufacturing a custom towing pontoon which was used to aid the installation of the marker buoy and also reduce costs. North West Marine L.L.C. was selected to supply and install Sealite products, known for their solid reputation in the market, pricing and best warranty.

Sealite polyethylene buoys are UV-stabilized and specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and operate reliably with minimal maintenance.


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