With the 7.5 degree lens moulded from UV-stabilised LEXAN® polycarbonate and high output single LED optic, the new SL-75 is visible up to 5NM, making it the brightest, smallest, lightest marine lantern in this range in the market. 

The lantern has the option of 5 different colours, along with a 5 degree divergence lens for fixed structures.

The SL-75 lantern boasts dual high-performance solar panels tilted to obtain maximum sunlight capacity, allowing the unit to operate reliably in a range of low sunlight locations.

By tilting the panels, the SL-75 is able to capture up to 40% more solar collection than horizontal solar panels.

The SL-75 is made from tough, durable polycarbonate specifically designed to withstand the tough marine environment and is the only compact marine lantern with a double sealed battery compartment.

This provides the user with the ability to change the battery after years of operation, ensuring the lantern will continue to operate for years to come.

The SL-75 is a next generation solar marine lantern which utilizes the latest in Bluetooth® technology for communications between the lantern and user.

With the new SealiteProTM App, users have the ability to configure, test and maintain the lantern at the touch of a button via your phone or table up to 50 meters away.

With the SL-75 connected to the SealiteProTM App, users can check via the in-built solar calculator whether the lantern has the ability to operate in the set location.

The solar calculator will provide an output on autonomy and estimates whether the collected solar charge is sufficient to replenish battery consumption for the selected location.

The SL-75 can be configured and maintained at the touch of a button via the SealiteProTM App without leaving the vessel. The App can provide detailed lanterns status, including battery health, geolocation, effective intensity and Winter autonomy.

Maintenance personnel can report huge time savings and increased safety as there is no need to climb structures/buoys to check these indicators

The new SealitePro™ App has been designed to allow for complete programming (via Bluetooth) of the new Sealite SL-75 self-contained solar marine lantern.

An easy to use interface and built-in intelligence, the App enables users to read and program lantern functions from their mobile phone or tablet up to 50 meters away.
The App reduces maintenance times which improves productivity and safety risks are minimized as there is no need to climb onto a buoy or structure, let alone leave the vessel.

Marine lantern with Bluetooth enables control

Bluetooth® for Programming and Maintenance

Completely programmable via the Bluetooth® connected Sealite Pro™ mobile application, the SL-75 solar marine lantern can be configured and monitored from a distance of up to 50 meters.


Improve Productivity and reduce risk to Personnel

Configure and maintain the lantern via your phone or tablet without leaving the vessel. Huge time savings and reduced risk to maintenance personnel as tasks can be performed without the need to climb structures.


Dual High Performance Solar Panels

The SL-75 boasts dual high performance solar panels tilted to obtain maximum sunlight capture with up to 40% more solar collection than a horizontal solar panel allowing the unit to operate in low sunlight areas.


GSM Monitoring and Control

The SL-75 may be fitted with optional GSM Cell-Phone Monitoring and Control – enabling users to access the real-time diagnostics data and change lantern settings via cell-phone.



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