Super Storm No Match For Sealite AtoN’s In Boston Harbor’s Deepwater Port

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Super Storm No Match For Sealite AtoN’s In Boston Harbor’s Deepwater Port


During the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, Sealite’s Poseidon-1750 Ocean Buoy and SLC310 marine lantern performed well in very high winds and seas of up to 23ft. Installed in Northeast Gateway* Deepwater Port – Mass Bay, Boston Harbor, the buoy and lantern were found fully operational upon inspection after the super storm (apart from a damaged top mark).

A testament to the integrity of Sealite buoy and lantern products

The survival of Sealite’s Poseidon-1750 can be largely attributed to the design and construction of this popular buoy. The float section incorporates two large lifting and mooring points, interconnected by 316-grade stainless steel tie-bars to provide enormous structural strength. The rotationally moulded ocean buoy uses UV-stabilised virgin polyethylene with a 16-mm wall thickness – which is verified by ultrasound measurement during production.

An SLC310 solar marine lantern was fitted to the buoy to provide a 3-5nm night-time visible range. Also discovered fully-operational after the storm, the lantern is designed and engineered to survive the harshest of marine environments. The base and the top of the SLC310 marine lantern are made from cast aluminium, subjected to 7-stage powder coating in high visibility IALA colours, while the solar chassis is built around a tough extruded aluminium core. The design of the lantern is intended to provide superior optical performance, and exceptional integrity in severe weather environments.

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